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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tupper, what's cookin' ?

Asked my buddy Mike earlier today. My response was nuthin'!   This post is a digression from our primary mission, which is discussing food. This is the post that has to do with living in the Adirondacks.

You see our pellet stove, which is our primary source of heat stopped working on Thursday.  Yup, just stopped. So I resolved to fix it as soon as possible.  Being a world class, olympic quality procrastinator I made it until Sunday morning before a sincere effort was made.

To be straight up with you all, I was kind of hoping it'd fix itself. No such luck!  I'd so rather be blogging or cooking or eating, but the stove called.

So after doing some on-line research and printing schematics and such, I retrieved my half-baked tool box from the garage and started taking things apart.

Now as a lifelong Adirondack resident I understand how people pride themselves on being self-reliant.  I get it, I just wish I could have phoned a friend on this one. Problem being, there wasn't one to call. So I started taking things apart screw by screw.  It looked like this.....

Well to make a short story long, there's 2 augers that feed the pellets,  the lower one had 2 years worth of carbon build-up which was the cause of the stoppage.  Bottom line, I cleaned it out and by some miracle put it back together with no excess parts.  And,  it works!

So, if you ever need to phone a friend on how to get you pellet stove going......

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