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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bread, Part 2.....

or is it part 3? Not sure. But here's a play by play for the loaf I made as per the directions below. And what's very cool is that there is no kneading whatsoever. If you want to teach kids how to bake a great loaf this is the recipe to start with.

Yeast and salt.

Add some water.

Add the flour.

Rising on the pellet stove.

On the pan, ready for the heat.

Best darn loaf I ever made.


  1. I bow down to your mad break skillz. What kind of bread is this?

  2. It's a master recipe from the folks at Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day via The Ivory Hut. It's simple, requires no-kneading and for very little work comes out with a great crust (be careful when steaming) and a decent crumb. Made another loaf today and plan on making more tomorrow. My wife said don't bother with any other recipes, and for the next few days I won't! I'm going to order their book soon.