Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Don't worry...

be happy......

So the Cuse is down 18 in the first half to DePaul-what me worry? 

Nah, we'll come back and we did. 

A little late, but hey G-Town beat Duke today and Uconn went down to Marquette.  
So all in all a good day, minus the heart palpations.

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  1. I am getting very frustrated. Tupper Cooks has been cooking quite a bit lately, and he is getting quite good at it. (Although I am still better) I enjoy not having to cook dinner every night. It's quite nice to say, "honey, whats for supper?", and actually get food. My problem lies in his love for bacon, good bread, and anything with cheese. (Which means that he makes a wonderful loaf of bread daily, finds various recipes loaded with cheese...and watch out, if it has bacon in it he is going to cook it). I believe that I am gaining weight since he has begun his cooking "hobby". But since I have become very lazy lately, I suppose that I will have to relish his newly found cooking ability. I don't have to do it! So, I suppose that I'll just call myself "Fat but Happy"...

    Tupper Cooks better half