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Friday, January 29, 2010

Meat and...


Yup, if you live in the North Country you gotta eat like you live in the North Country.

For crying out loud, it never got above zero today. 

I mean it was sunny, but it was cold, like really friggin' cold!!!

This kind of weather cries out for food that will warm you up. 
So I decided to make steak and taters (with some green beans to keep Mom happy).

The tater recipe came from Elizabeth.   I pretty much followed her recipe verbatim, except the potatoes I used were white, which I peeled and quartered and chopped and cut.. and instead of fresh thyme sprigs, I used thyme in a bottle (just like Jim Croce baby.. 1/2 a tsp of thyme in a bottle.)

  Some Salt and Peppa  and EVOO and you're there. Coat 'em in some parm and they looked like this.

 So where's the beef?

Glad you asked- while the taters were cooking, I seasoned the steak with some salt and pepper.

Let it sit for awhile, then slathered some BBQ sauce on it-

Let that sit for awhile and heat up the monster-

Yup, one of those Lodge frying pan, skillet things. It weighs 8 lbs.

You gotta heat it up, like preheat it. I made a few mistakes when I first used it. Mostly not preheating it properly. It needs to get hot before you put the steak on it. How hot? I usually know it's ready when the handle is to hot to handle. Takes 10 or 15 minutes. When it starts smokin' it's ready.  As long as you're ready.

So here we go...

And then, check out the sear.... it's beautiful...

Well, except for that little piece on the left. That my friends is an anomaly . And it was sacrificed shortly thereafter!

So the taters are done, the steak is done and the green beans are done (Mom, are you listening?)

Looks pretty good, huh?

It was. See you tomorrow.

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