Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Thursday, December 8, 2011


God, when I was a kid, I read the comics faithfully.  

Comic books, comics in the daily papers, and best of all the Sunday paper when they were all in color!

Not like today, where I could go on a rant about too much access to cartoons and comics for kids for 99 thousand different reasons, but 40 years ago it was special.

One of my favorites strips was Blondie by famous cartoonist Chic Young.
Dagwood was her husband of course.
If you're over 40 you might remember it, if not, well you missed out kids.

Now this discourse could go into the history of comics for the next hour, but I digress, this blog is about food.

You see Dagwood liked his sandwiches, and from the comic strip there has sprung a zillion variations of
"The Dagwood"
This pretty much sums it up. 

It was a big sammie!

Go ahead and google Dagwood Sandwich recipes and look at the images, it's mind blowing.
There are some big ass sandwiches out there!

Today, while thinking about what to have for supper on a work night, I ran across a recipe  for a Dagwood Grilled Cheese.

Looked really good. So I made my list, checked it twice, and off to Shaheen's IGA I went after work.

Here's what I got.

Cheese (American and Swiss), smoked ham, a red onion and a big tomato.

And a loaf of bread.

So , then there's the construction.

Buttered bread on the skillet, 1 slice of American with 1 slice of Swiss on top.
Ok, Got it? Bread, butter side down, then cheese.

Next, some deli sliced smoked ham and red onion slices which were sauteed' in butter.

Then a big old slice of tomato...

And a cap of American, why not?

Top 'em with another slice of buttered bread, and cook away kids.

And then,

Bam, Zoom! There's your Dagwood Grilled Cheese!

Stay Hungry My Friends!

P.S. I asked my wife if she thought I was nuts writing about grilled cheese sandwiches. I was relieved with her response, she said, " Honey, you're fine, tomorrow you can write about peanut butter and jelly."
I was relieved.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bread & Soup......

Been cookin', been bakin' , been takin' pics....

I made French Onion Soup.
It was supposed to be a quick recipe.
Ain't no such thang when making onion soup. 
30 minutes is what the recipe said. 
I say at least 3 hours.
It was very good.

Today, I got the bread bake on!

Here's the results.
One cinnamon swirl and one plain Amish white bread.
It's good stuff.

Keep baking my friends!