Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Doggie Treats!

So I've got a dog.
And my friend Dhorst has a dog.
And they're both named Ellie.

They're beginning to bond , even though they've never met.
Di's Ellie sent our Ellie a chew toy.

Actually Di has a friend making doggie chew toys. 
She's testing them for durability.
The toy got a test tonight.

Here's the pics.

There' the Doggy Chew Toy!
Shit I chewed on it!

Ellie was happy, very happy.

Strike a pose.

 And there goes the chewy!

Hmmmm, my advice, no stuffing, and use Kevlar!

Thanks Di and Miss Ellie!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Grilled Cheese Post?

Why the hell not?
It's my blog and I'll cry if  I want to......
Seriously, when you do your own blog and aren't trying to make millions of dollars off side Ads, it takes a lot of pressure off.

But, I digress, here's last nights Grilled Cheese Adventure.

Italian Bread, sliced pepperjack and bacon.

And then.....
Didn't have regular tomatoes, but did have a bunch of grapes.
Sliced 'em up.

So where were we?
 Right, sliced onions.

What next?
Obviously, a slice of American cheese.

Time to cap it, cook it!

Oh, and I served it with tomato soup. Out of a can!

Get after it my friends!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Love your Pets........

A rare sunny, warm day here in Tupper.
I got the lawn mowed, and after completing that task, I decided to hang out on the deck with Bunny.
Well, what's a poor boy to do but take pics of the kids!

Here's the Kid Key: Red is the Red one, Ellie is the German Shep puppy, and Lucy is the cat who doesn't give a shit.

Wait! That's not a pet! Oh well.....

That's my girl!

And there's Ellie chewing on a Plastic Pot Planter-Say that fast 5 times, I dare ya!

Seriously, my foot it's the planter and you take a pic of me?

Lucy's laughing at the puppy with it's leg in the planter.

Ellie went to see Lucy.

Lucy said, "Screw this, I'm gonna sit on a 4 x 4!"

Seriously, I like the puppy, but she's a pain in the ass!

That's all kids!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Super Moon.....

The moon tonight is as close to Earth as it will ever get. 

We went out and took pics along with our buddy Ted.

We took good pics, Ted took some great pics.

I took this pic, can ya tell?

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Great Divide......

I got lucky tonight, I asked the better half what she wanted for supper.
She said she didn't care.
You know what that means my friends.

Now, I like pizza plain, like dough, sauce, and cheese.

The better half likes all sorts of stuff.

Fortunately I have an 18" pan, which will make all the parties involved happy.
So I chopped and diced peppers, onions and tomatoes..
The dough, which I purchased at Shaheen's IGA, had a 2 hr. ferment while it thawed on the stovetop.
Not sure about hydration levels.
Let's call this pie, The Great Divide!

 Her side is the one with all the colorful stuff.
Mine is the Lily White side.
This is pre-bake.
475 for 15 minutes or so.

Then there's the post-bake.
 Used Shredded Mozz, grated sharp cheddar and grated pepperjack for the cheese.

It worked.
It was really good.

My Pie Friday?

It comes but once a year........

Happy Star Wars Day Kids!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tupper Lake Tinman......

The Tupper Lake Tinman is half of an Ironman triathlon. 
That's a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run.
 It's celebrating it's 30th year this year.

My buddy Ted is the race director for the umpteenth time. 
It's a very successful and well run race and serves as a tune-up to the Lake Placid Ironman for many.
If you'd like to race or volunteer check out these sites!



30th tinman 300x210 2012 Tupper Lake Tinman Triathlon

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

She's Baaaaackkkk!

So my dear mother returned from her Winter trip to South Carolina yesterday.
I had to unpack her car and it took me a half hour and a dozen or more trips in and out of her house.
When she goes South, she loves to shop.
 AT 78, she's still like the Energizer Bunny when it comes to shopping, and I mean shopping for deals.
You'd think she'd have driven a U-Haul, but it's a Chevy Impala.
More stuff per square inch than you can imagine.
But there was a payoff.
As I was getting ready to leave, she handed me this cool little gift.

Gotta love Mom.

Close up. Gotta love Big Lots!

And then there was the candy.

She winters in Beaufort, SC, where there's a candy store called The Chocolate Tree.
It's been around for a long time and has quite a following.

She brought us two boxes.

One with peanut butter cups.
Seriously, to die for.

And one with chocolate covered Oreos. Uh, I hit them hard last night!

And of course the White Chocolate Covered Popcorn.
Good stuff.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't post these pics of Goo Goo Clusters.
They're a Southern thing and evidently when I was a kid I liked them, and you know what? I still do!
Sorta looks like a young Pav, doesn't it?
Well, more hair and no chipmunk cheeks!

And finally she bought this for the better half, not sure what it is, but I bet the female readership does.

So that's my story of Mom's return.
I'm a lucky dude, and I know it.

Peace out!