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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And then

there were cookies!

So what to have for dessert (and late night snacks) after the spaghetti all carbonara?   I decided to try the recipe that came with the Adirondack Crunchy Granola I picked up at The Well Dressed Food Company yesterday.

Aptly named Adirondack Crunchy Granola Cookies, the recipe takes the traditional oatmeal cookie recipe, and with apologies to Emeril, kicks it up a notch.  The addition of the mix from WDF makes them delicious. For Christmas I'd received a jar of WDF's Campfire Caramel Sauce, so we drizzled that over the still warm cookies. Perfect complement to a great cookie.

The cookies passed the stiffest test known to man- my mother approved, and if you know my mother like I know my mother, that's a big deal.

Now when do I start the diet?

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