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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Rolls Around.....

It's Sunday, It's a gray March day.  It's time to cook.  More like time to bake.  While my better half prepared corned beef, cabbage, taters and carrots, I was charged with baking rolls. 

I'll start by stating the house smells great right now, something about that corned beef as it simmers and the rolls as they come out of the oven that make the senses come alive.  

You'd think someone out there would manufacture a spray scent to simulate cooking foods. Forget Febreeze and the plethora of smells in a can that  supposedly freshen the air.  If I want to smell flowers I'll go outside (well it's tough this time of year, but I know the flowers will be here in a month or two). 

And odor neutralizers? C'mon, if something smells that bad it should be taken care of  ASAP!  

There's a reason God gave us a nose.

 And that friends is one of the great joys of cooking.

Aside from the mental respite one receives while focusing on shopping for the right ingredients and prepping for the meal, it's while it cooks that the sense of anticipation builds, and the smell of that meal cooking helps build that anticipation to a subtle crescendo before the actual meal.

Sort of a Pavlonian thing I guess (woof!).

But I digress, I was charged with baking rolls, and bake them I did. Searched for something different and found the recipe here Beyond Easy Dinner Rolls.  

Hey it's Sunday and there's basketball on, so the name sold me.  They're simple to make and start to finish were done in about 90 mins.  My only deviation from the recipe was that I used the stand mixer for mixing and kneading.

After you mix the dough roll them into little balls and place in a greased dish/pie pan. 

Let them rise for 25 mins.

Brush on butter and top with poppy seeds.

Bake for 10-15 mins. @ 410 and there they are.

I think I'll send a pic to Yeast Spotting.

And the piece de' resistance!
 Wicked good supper!


  1. Hey, thank you for trying my rolls out-sweet. Did you find them to be easy in the realm of bread rolls? I did, but, then again, I'm accustomed to intensive bread making.
    I love how these rolls swell during that 25 minutes when placed in a warm area (neat)!
    Tell me, did you like the result you got from using a machine to knead? I always do the kneading myself even for catering, but I do sometimes wonder when I'm in the 'sweat' of it working if a machine like that would do me some good...

  2. I've been doing quite a bit of yeast breads and yes, these were really easy. I was impressed with the quick rise after putting them in the dish. As to comparing stand mixer to hand kneading I'm not sure I can speak to that, because I always use the stand mixer (I'm lazy!) Thanks again for the recipe-looking fwd. to the pizza dough!

  3. Oh Good! The pizza dough is awesome or maybe I should say 'enchanting'. If you know what you like on a pizza, you'll be very happy.
    By the way, what you said about aromas above is hilarious. Febreeze smells awful and, yes, some things need to be cleaned up, not covered up!

  4. those rolls look sooo good!