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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guests Posts!

Got some wicked pics to share from a couple of co-workers-

The cool thing is they would go together.

One for the main course and one for dessert.

Prey sent me these - A take-off on Man vs. Food  which if you've never watched it, is classic television. Adam Richmond is phenomenal.  Fred Hill was the chef. 

In her own words-
 "Fred made  these awesome hotter than hell burgers.. inspired by man vs food tv show. jalepeno and spice in the beef. then again spicy rub and mounded hot stuff on top. kicked butt!

Here's the pics-

The set-up-looks good.

The burgers getting steamed on the griddle. Cool.


Wicked, see the steam?

Uh Huh-the finished product. Stare at this long enough and you might see the meaning of life.

The Payoff! 

Kid, you've got 34 more seconds to finish that burger and frys- If you do you get a Tupper Cooks T-Shirt and your name on the wall!
Part 2-
So then, Ted sent me Ice Cream Pics-
Here it is and it looks good, like good enough to wash down one of those burgers!

I was thinking, what the hell is this, marinara? Where's the shrimp cocktail?

And then...
Then I recognized the strawberries.

Then I looked at this pic and said, huh?

Then I saw the monster.  It'll take that stuff and produce something yummy.

And it did-Strawberry Ice-Cream. And boy do I wish  I had a bowl of it right now!

Thanks guys- you're my first official guest posters and I hope a lot more of you will send me pics so I can say funny stuff while I wish I had your dishes in front of me!


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  1. That burger looks and sounds like it would blow your head off! I like spicy but I don't know if I could handle that one...unless I had that yummy ice cream sitting in front of me so I could take a bite of it in between bites of the burger to cool down the fire! Both look great.