Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring break in Tupper Lake....

We're on Spring Break here in Tupper. The Adirondacks can be a funny place weather-wise this time of year.  

The first couple of weeks of March were uncharacteristically dry and sunny. Today, my friends is a more typical day, gray and cool and 37 degrees.  

Determined to start spring clean-up, I hooked up the hose to clean off our back deck. We've got 3 dogs and somehow between them and the trees that drop all sorts of stuff, the deck was a mess. Like doghair and those little helicopter seed things and leafs and branches all intertwined.  

It was gnarly and the easiest way to clean it is to spray it off.  Of course spraying water when the temp is 37 would be fine if the hose didn't leak. I took a pair of plyers to the nozzle, even changed the gasket in order to stop it from spraying on me. To no avail, it dripped and sprayed, but I forged on.  

After a half hour I was done, my hands frozen and my feet soaked. But the mess is gone!  Well, the mess on the deck is gone, the front and back yards are up next.  I came in to warm up before I tackle the front yard, where the snowplow deposits all sorts of goodies. 

I figure if I sit here and blog long enough it'll clean itself.  My feet are still cold!

Another warming tactic I'm trying is to look at pics from last years Spring Break. We went to Daytona and stayed in my buddy Bob's condo, which overlooks the ocean. I changed the pic on top of the page to one taken from the balcony when we were there last spring. 

Can you feel the warmth?

May as well reminisce some more.....Below from Daytona on last years break (the dates on the pics are wrong).
Peanut-butter and jellyfish sandwich anyone?
(I know, that's gross)

Lighthouse @ Ponce de Leon Inlet.

Got vertigo?

We found this cool restaurant next to the lighthouse- aptly named The Lighthouse Restaurant. Had this sign on a tree.

My better half with a bucket of crab legs. Yum!

This guy was walking around the restaurant looking for easy pickins'.

These guys were everywhere- First day we were there I got crapped on by one. Needless to say I ducked and ran for the rest of the vacation whenever I saw them overhead.

 Matt Kenseth's car that won the '09 Daytona 500. The Speedway was very cool, and huge!

There're a lot of birds in Florida.

Well, I hoped this warmed you up if you're still North of the Mason-Dixon line as am I.  

The good news is it's supposed to be in the high 70's on Friday and low 80's on Saturday in Tupper.
The bad news is the high for next Monday is projected at 41. 

Oh well, time to go and rake the front yard!


  1. Maybe you should move south of the mason dixon line. It's going to be sunny and 70-80s all week here!

  2. I would if I could....... But hey, it's going to be 80 here tomorrow, not bad for April 2nd!