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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fundraiser for Berg....

Last night, there was an incredible outpouring from our little community to show support for 1st Lt. Bergan Flannigan.  While she rehabs at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC, the good folks of Tupper Lake came together in two locations to benefit Bergan and her family. The VFW, American Legion, Marine Corps League and ARISE sponsored the day, and what a day it was!

Here's the story from Channel 5- Link-to Berg's story

(If you missed yesterday, here's info on how you can still donate-  Donate to Berg.)

 The first benefit was at Big Tupper, where all proceeds from ticket sales were donated to Berg and her family.

Here are some awesome pics from an awesome day at Big Tupper


Flags on the Mountain.

Ski Patrol at the bottom of the hill.

Josh Jones delivering the Flag. Josh is another Homegrown Hero!

Commander Leblanc awaiting the Flag.

Josh planting the Flag.

The presentation.  Josh shaking Mr. LeBlancs hand and Mr. Peets on the side.

More pics form the day!

What a backdrop!

It's Berg's Day!

Yes Berg, you are.

Another hero and Mom, Josh and Deb.

What's in the bag?


An aunt and her two favorite nieces.

Hey Berg! We love ya!

Berg's Flag.
Thanks to Sue M., Ted, and Elizabeth for providing the pics!

The second took place last night at the VFW.  I was simply amazed at the turnout.  We arrived around 5:00 and the line was out the door.  It stayed that way for hours.  It was hard to find a seat. There was 240 pounds of spaghetti cooked and somewhere between 800-900 meals served. Wow!
Tupper Lake was cookin' last night!

The kitchen was busy....

Mark and Chris serving it up. Chef Joe on the right.

Smitty and Patty checking the pasta.

The back dining room.

And desserts-OMG, there were desserts, like something I'd never seen. I felt like a kid in a candy shop
bakery.  Great job and a huge thank you to all who donated! Wow!

Is my order up?

Mary and Nance.

My favorite Elvis fan!

Peg and Mary. Mary, the cake was outstanding!

The youngest in attendance-what a cutie!

Shoulder to shoulder.

Discussing desserts I presume.

Cookie, cake, brownie? Too many choices!

Mike and Amy. Mike reports that retirement is fine!

The Chapman's and Berg's Gram.

Mr. Hayes and Mr. Golden, discussing Notre Dame football, which is why they look so glum!

A great night-Thanks Tupper Lake, The Little Town with a Big Heart!

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