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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chili Nights.....

Alright kids tomorrow is Friday, and that's a good thing.  March Madness started today and that's even better. Greatest 3 weeks in College Hoops is coming up. Syracuse is playing Vermont (of all teams) tomorrow night in Buffalo (might have to make some wings for the game). 

But the work week ain't over yet. We've got a staff development day tomorrow. We get two a year for Professional Development.  It's good stuff, because old dogs can learn new tricks, and I look forward to these days.  In the past the lunches have been provided, and that's (Well, that was ) cool.

Last fall it was catered and the food was bad. Like mushy ham sandwiches on white bread where the cheese had decomposed. In a brown bag (Nothing wrong with brown bags ), but the sammies were horrible. Like somebody made 'em three days earlier and then sat on them on the trip to Tupper. 

I tried to find out who the caterer was, but all the folks who knew the answer would say was, " It came from Malone".
That's Malone, NY  for those of you outside the zip code. 

Seriously, white bread? 

The folks I work with were incensed. Some went so far as to say we'll do it ourselves the next time. "We can do better than that!"

Well, the next time is tomorrow.

We're having a pot-luck lunch for staff development day. So with numbers of eaters in mind I decided to make chili. As I write it's simmering, and smells good, really good. It's the biggest batch I've ever made.  

Here's the recipe, which I pretty much followed all the way. No sense reinventing the wheel, right?

It came off of Allrecipes.com which is an awesome website for foodies because you can scale the recipes to the number of servings you want.  I redid this for 18 servings, which in reality will be at least 30 servings. My stock pot is chock full. So tomorrow, the lunch will be chili.

Here's a pic before I started the simmer...

See you at lunch.....

This Just In! Ted made his famous Chocolate Cheesecake for tomorrow!- Check this out!
See ya after dessert....

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