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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Benefit Dinner Results

Last Tuesday we held a spaghetti dinner to benefit Robbie and James.  They're both undergoing treatment for cancer. 

Once again the people who live in Tupper Lake rallied and came out in droves to support these guys.

We serve around 600 dinners, and it went smooth as silk.  A huge Thank You to the many volunteers who baked desserts and worked the evening.

Thanks to the kindness of the people of Tupper Lake we raised $9000.  

 Above are Ted, Rob's Mom Susie, Jame's mom Ellen and yours truly presenting the checks to help Robbie and James with the expenses associated with their treatment.

I'm mighty humbled and extremely grateful to live in a small town that gives so freely.

Awesome job Tupper Lake-The Small Town with the Big Heart.

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