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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Count your blessings.

Maybe it's age and the wisdom that accompanies it, but lately I've been feeling pretty lucky.
I live in a great place and am surrounded by wonderful people.
Our community certainly isn't the richest in the literal sense, but it  is rich in people that love to help one another in times of need.

The fundraiser for Bergan last week is proof positive that Tupper Lake is one amazing place. People came out in droves to support a local kid in her time of need.

And now we do it again for a couple of local guys who are fighting cancer. We'll have a benefit dinner for them.

Before I give you the details on the dinner I'd like to share my thoughts on cancer. 

1)I hate the word. 
2)Cancer sucks.

My grandmother died from cancer.  

My mother is a survivor. Thank you Fletcher Allen Hospital. Mom, I love you.

One of my best friends and uncle, Ed Gilli was taken by Kaposi's Sarcoma a few years back.  A guy so full of life taken way too soon. I miss you Ed.

And on and on....

I work with folks and have friends that are survivors. Their resilience astounds me.  We're winning a lot more battles, but the war continues.

To that end....

This past week it came to our attention that two local guys are fighting the good fight. 
Here's a little background.

Robbie Frenette.

Rob's a local boatbuilder.  He builds Adirondack guideboats by hand.  
I've known him and his family for most of my life. Robbie (and his family for that matter) is a salt of the earth, hard working, doing what he loves kind of guy.  

He's an artist, a throwback to the earliest days in the Adirondacks.  

He guides, he's an excellent skiier, I've  got a picture of him that was on the back page of Adirondack Life showing him skiing down Mt. Marcy.  That ain't no bunny hill. 

If I was stuck in the outback Robbie's the guy I'd want next to me.

Currently Rob is at Mass General in Boston where he'll undergo a stem cell transplant in his fight against cancer. The treatment will last 100 days.

James Person.

James is one of those kids who always has a smile on his face.  I've watched him grow up, known him since he was a tyke on Lincoln Drive. My kids are the same age.

He's a carpenter for a local contractor, doing what he loves, building houses and Great Camps and boathouses in a time where it's tough to make a living doing that with all the insane restrictions in the Park.

Salt of the earth kind of kid.

He's engaged and plans to get married next summer.  

Last week he was diagnosed with cancer and will be undergoing treatment at Fletcher Allen in Burlington, VT.
So now...
 On Tuesday, March 23 we'll have a benefit dinner for both guys at L.P. Quinn Elementary School.  The dinner will be held between 4 - 8 PM. A spaghetti supper with a ton of homemade desserts. 

C'mon out and help us support Robbie and James.

All the proceeds will be split evenly between Robbie and James to defray the costs of the treatments they are currently undergoing.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to both families and all families fighting the good fight.

To make the circle complete, I count my blessings every day, as I'm sure you do too.
 We're lucky .

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  1. Having lost two friends to cancer I can sympathize fully with your comments today. Yes, we must count our blessings...daily. For we do not know what tomorrow will hold.. BTW...nice blog you have here. Glad I stopped by.