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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Painting Raffle to fight cancer.

My buddy Ted was in Casagrain's Studio and Gallery in Tupper Lake today when something wonderful happened.  
Gary and his wife donated a painting to be raffled off to benefit our guys Robbie and James, who are fighting the good fight against cancer.

Gary is painter. His wife Barb makes the frames. It's classic Adirondack.  Here's a link that show's some of his work.  Casagrain Paintings.

I just counted the Casagrain prints in our dining room. We've got five.  

He's well known in the Northeast and also has a national and international following.

Needless to say we were tickled pink to learn they wanted to help out.

Here's a pic of the painting and the frame-

Bull Moose on the Raquette River by Gary Casagrain

If that isn't awesome I don't know what is.  The Autumn colors grab you and pull you in. It's superb. 
 This is  # 11 out of 50, a limited edition.  It's a custom framed embellished canvas (Gicle') by Gary framed in classic Adirondack  style by his wife Barb.

The Exterior dimensions are roughly 37" x 28". The work itself is approximately 28" x 19".

In the Casagrain Gallery it sells for $1,100.

The raffle will run until the end of April.   

The proceeds will be split evenly between Rob Frenette and James Person who are both undergoing treatment for cancer.

Tickets are 1 for $1 or 6 for $5.

If you'd like to purchase a ticket see the following in Tupper Lake:

Ted Merrihew : 518-359-7571

Maureen Peroza : 518-359-9237

or drop me an e-mail @ gocusetupper@gmail.com

I'll send you the tickets and you can mail them in (with a check, no cash please).

Send Tickets (and checks)  to: 
Ted Merrihew
33 Woods Ave.
Tupper Lake, Ny 12986

Thank you in advance!

Tupper Lake is an amazing place.


  1. Thank you for your generosity and genuine concern. There is no place like Tupper Lak e when it comes to taking care of their own!
    Much love, Ellen (Smith) Guiney - James Person"s Mom