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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Woof, woof, woof......

Hey, this is Red, the official blog dog of Tupper Cooks!

I'd like to report that the Syracuse Orange beat the Georgetown Hoyas 58-51 today at the Verizon Center in D.C.

With that win the "Cuse stands at 24-6 overall and is in 5th place in the Big East.

"Cuse is looking good at the right time with March only a blink away!

Here's a pic of me celebrating after the game.
Yup, I was pretty played out!


  1. Is that the same dog as in the pic at the bottom of this page? Love that dog. If you want you can send him to me.

    Hey, congrats on The Cuse season - exam time is almost here! Damn, 24/6, and still only 5th in the Big East. That's a 'basketball conference', isn't it? I remember during football season all the talk about how they didn't deserve an automatic BCS bid because there were no good teams in the conference.

    Ain't true now, is it!

  2. Hey Doc-That's the same one-she's all grown up. She'll be 5 in December.

    The Big East is a basketball conference for sure. We're looking forward to the Big Dance , ought to be fun. As far as football goes, the league is a work in progress. Got a day off from work because of sleet this AM-may have to bake....


  4. That sure is a nice dog! Does he get to try the homemade stromboli? ;-)

  5. She get's the bones from my pizza!