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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Difference..........

between a Calzone and a Stromboli.

A few days back I posted about a stromboli I made.

My good friend Doc read the post and asked me what the difference was between a calzone and a stromboli.

It's a blustery, snowy day so I did a little research.

They are quite similar and regional differences and personal preferences can make it hard to separate the two.

After doing a bit of research to see if what I thought was true, I'd say the following.

A calzone is more of a pocket or turnover, half-moon shaped.  It's fillings can be numerous, peppers, mushrooms, Italian meats, etc. and mozzarella .  For some reason I associate ricotta cheese with the calzones I've had.  I'm not a big fan of ricotta in this case, too much moisture for my liking. 
A calzone is more of an individual serving (or perhaps 2 servings).

Here's a pic of a calzone I grabbed from Wikipedia.
Pretty much what I thought.

A stromboli is different in that it's a roll or in some cases rolled up jelly roll style, and then sliced.
It'll have cheese (mozzarella, parm, etc.) but not ricotta in my view.
It's meat centered. My favorites are pepperoni, salami, italian hams, etc.
I also put sauce in my stromboli, whereas a calzone would have it on the side for dipping.

Here's another grab from Wikipedia of a stromboli.
 If you click on my post link about the stromboli above, you'll see I don't roll mine like that, but after looking at this pic I'm reconsidering.

That's what I think, what say you?
Here's a link at Serious Eats Talk where I posted the question. Got some great responses, check it out.

Eat well my friends!


  1. There ya go Tup - we live, and we learn. Thanks for all your research into this critical arena of knowledge.

    (It does look good, doesn't it!)