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Thursday, February 24, 2011

No-Roll, No-Stretch Sicilian Style Pizza...

Here's a very easy  recipe for Sicilian style pizza.
Last night I made this for the 2nd time and followed the recipe correctly for the first.
Ha! It made a difference.

Here's the recipe-Kenji's Easy Sicilian

If you've ever had NY Sicilian pie, you'll like this.

I didn't take many pics because the batteries in my camera were fading fast, but if you go to the link above you'll get  step by step directions for making the pie with great pics.

I made mine on my baking sheet which is a little bigger than the one recommended, but no worries. 
The dough basically spreads itself. It's really wet, and take your time while covering the pan to preserve the air structure that develops during the rise.

I put sliced red pepper and onion on the left side, the right was just cheese.
After cooking it, I sliced it up and put it on my wire racks to cool, this helps prevent the soggy bottom.

It's fairly thick, so this is a good idea. Let it cool for 5 or ten minutes and attack!

Nicely done.

Yeah baby.

I forgot to mention Kenji has a sauce recipe on that link too. 

I made my own, but they're very similar, so give that a go too, you won't be disappointed!


  1. Good suggestion to let it REALLY cool down before stuffing it in your mouth! I'd like a nickle for every time I brunt off the skin on the roof of my mouth - you too?

  2. When I was younger Doc, it was normal to wake up with big blisters on the roof of my mouth!

  3. Hey TC, I'd hit that pie, more then once! I'm on my way to Rolf's today, do you have a good idea for German meat topped pizza! I may have to call it the "wurst pizza I ever ate" ! :-)

  4. dm- that's a great name- I've done kielbasa on pizza before, wasn't bad!