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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The holes in my story...

Made a stromboli for the Syracuse-Rutgers game this past weekend.

Here's the construction.

I spread my dough on a baking sheet, spred sauce in the middle 3rd.
I layered provolone,salami, and pepperoni on the sauce.
Note: See those holes at the top above the sauce?

I then added some fresh shredded mozz, oregano and dried basil.

I closed it up, tucked the ends in and flipped it onto my brand spanking new baking sheet.
Note: Notice the sauce coming out of the holes.

I baked it 450 degrees until it was nice and brown.
Note: Notice the sauce and cheese that leaked during cooking.

D'oh! What in the hell was I thinking, leaving those holes exposed?
Honestly I didn't think it would hemorrage like that, or I would have attempted to patch the holes prior to baking.  

I should have known better.
My mistake was not using my roller to spread the dough for a consistent thickness from center to edge. I spread it by hand, leaving the middle way thin, and much thicker on the edges. 

With a pizza you could get away with this, it'd self seal. With a stromboli, well, the pic says it all.....

So, that said, it still came out to my satisfaction ( I scooped off the cheese and sauce and ate it!)

Live, cook and learn my friends!


  1. What's the difference between a stromboli and a calzone? Seriously - size?

  2. Great question Doc- I'm going to make a post on that one!

  3. I'll bet it still tasted really yummy! Did you make the dough from scratch? Willing to share the recipe?