Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dinner rolls....

Made these Friday night.  Found the recipe on Bigoven.com.
I always use the stand mixer, because it makes kneading easy! And it's all about easy in my kitchen.

 Rising dough.

 Nice little balls.
More rising balls!



  1. Hey, that's real bread! I'm proud of you, son - and they look good enough to eat. Nice!

    That brown bowl in your top shot, is that English? If yes, you have good taste - and I've got its twin.

    Keep truckin'.

  2. Hey Doc- Good rolls they were. It's still snowy and cold here. Most snow we've had in a decade or two. As to the bowl, it was a birthday present a few years back from the co-workers. Not sure as to its lineage-I'll check, probably made in China!

  3. On mine, on the bottom of the bowl, I can just make out an imprint of 'Mason Cash Co', and almost indecipherable in the middle it says, 'Made in England'. It's probably the only thing I've got that was made in England.

    My wife gave me mine one Christmas (I don't buy luxury for myself, unless I'm convinced I can't do without it; like Chicago Metallic bread pans). Amazon says my bowl (13.5" - biggest bowl I've got) sells for $65 today. So, whoever gave you that one wanted you to have lux! And if it ain't Mason Cash, it's a ripoff of the best, which can't be bad either.

    Enjoy playing in the snow - still warm here (yesterday 62 F), but due to change, so they say.

  4. Everyone's doing dough! Those look so light and lovely...I made monkey bread which starts with a similar recipe and ends up - well, a lot fattier since you dip in butter and sugar before baking ;P