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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Soup and Sandwiches...

Here's a couple of offerings from this past week. 
I made some hot hoagies. I went to a Quizno's a while back and had a hot sub (hoagie, hero, whatever...) I realized that eating them hot is the way to go. 

When you eat a cold sub, they can be very good, but heating them up, in this case, at 325 degrees wrapped in aluminum foil for 30 minutes, or under the broiler, makes a good sub better. 
The heat makes the flavor of the ingredients  meld into something that's hard to stop eating.

Here's the hot Italian hoagie.

Picked up the sub dressing, which is very good at Shaheen's deli, along with the cold cuts.
Hard salami, cooked salami, sandwich style pepperoni, and some honey ham, with provolone.
Add some tomato and sliced onion, put it in the oven for 30 minutes, and viola'.

Now, doesn't that look good?

The rolls also came from Shaheen's. They sell a 6 pack of hoagie rolls that make great sammies.

A picture is worth a thousand bites.

Then came the soup the next night.
Whilst surfing for a soup recipe the other day I hit the motherlode.
A blog where they were featuring soups, one blog with over 200 recipes-Soupapalooza

After looking at a ton of recipes I settled on the bacon minestrone. 

Other than french onion soup I've never made much soup, I leave that up to the better half who's way ahead of me in that department, but after looking at this recipe, it met my qualifiers, quick and easy with simple ingredients.

I tweaked the recipe a bit, doubled the bacon, garlic, carrots,broth and put in 12 oz. of Barilla Rotini pasta. I also added some water. Pretty much played it by ear. 
In the pot simmering.

In the bowl and on the plate with some french bread.

I must humbly admit, it was really good, so much so, that I'd make it again.

You don't really taste the bacon in the final product, I think it helps more with the overall flavor, and since it's pre-cooked it doesn't add too much fat.

Now I'm wondering if I could make the hoagies and the soup on the same night......

(Nah, better not......) :)


  1. Some good looking eats, Tup - brings back many fond memories. You may know that my boyhood neighborhood was primarily Italian (Jersey) and etched forever into my psyche is the memory of my first Italian sub. Damn!!! I'm not really sure if it really was that good, or if it's just the memory of it that was so good. But, doesn't really matter much - Damn!

    Eat well, my friend.

  2. I lived on Long Island for a year and a half back in the early 80's. I must admit I don't miss the traffic or the masses of people in the NY metropolitan area, but man I miss the food. The variety and availability is something one doesn't find here in the sticks. Nothing like a good NY slice of pizza or an Italian hoagie from the corner deli!

  3. Those hoagies look killer - thanks for sharing!