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Friday, February 19, 2010


Sweet Potato Fries or is it Frys? Or Potatoe????  

It's the night before payday, and you really don't want to go out in the cold and go to the store to buy for one meal when you know there'll be a weekly grocery shopping trip over the weekend. 

So it's look in the freezer- Ah, there's some ground chuck and some bagels- easy decision, make some cheeseburgers and have some frys.

  So I went into the pantry and there's no taters. 

Bummer! But, there were sweet potatoes! I peeled 'em...

And sliced 'em thin...

Dropped 'em in the fryer....and cooked until golden brown, well, more gold than brown.

Along with the burgers....

They were yummy.
 My new fry of choice.

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  1. I love sweet potato fries.. but haven't made the attemp to make it at home myself.