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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kitchen gadgets...

French Frys are one of the quintessential American sides.  They complement many dishes, like burgers and dogs and hot roast beef sandwiches and, well, you get idea.

They are a main ingredient in poutine, which consists of frys, gravy and melted cheese.  
Poutine = Serious comfort food.

 I've got a preference for homemade frys over frozen for obvious reasons.  It takes a little more effort with the prep, but there's nothing like salted  frys right out of the oil.   

A month or so ago I was making frys when my mother mentioned to me she had a fry cutter in
one of her cupboards.  Would I like it? Silly question, of course I'd like it.  Any tool to expedite the process is welcomed.

So, she brought it over, here it is.
Has to be close to 50 years old.

So last night I gave it a whirl.
Peeled the taters. And put them through the cutter. It  took me a few potatoes to get the right leverage. My first attempt was holding it over the plate, that resulted in a skinned knuckle. Then I just laid it flat on the cutting board and pushed down on the handle and the frys came out right on the plate.
It makes thick cut frys.

Heat the oil and drop the frys.
Yeah baby.....
Then pull them out with a slotted spatula, salt and enjoy.

 What a gadget.


  1. Thank you very much for your nice comment. My wish is to pass on my passion for cooking and photography. Such comment as yours is a great encouragement for me.

  2. We had one of those growing up and to this day I still believe it cuts the best homemade fries!!