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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another challenge.....

in the spirit of last weeks request to find lighter, healthier foods.   

We'll call this one the Keough Challenge.  I was challenged to find some tasty vegetarian recipes.

So, here I am, a self-professed meatatarian, on the hunt for recipes I once thought fit for herbivores only, like giraffes and such.  

Yup, the Dark Side was calling.

I really didn't go out and search aggressively, or lose any sleep any sleep over the fact that I hadn't found anything.  

Being a big believer in destiny, fate, karma and a time for every season (turn, turn, turn...),  I just let it come to me.

And it did, the site is Nutritious Foodie.  I've added it to my blog list on the sidebar.

What drew me in was a pic of a homemade veggie-burger that looks pretty darn good.  There's a pretty good story behind the blog's author and her reasons for modifying her diet.  In a glance I saw vegetarian and gluten free recipes for our GF friends.  

 Check it out and let me know what you think........

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