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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Buns and Chops

For supper on Thursday night I made Pork Chops and some Parker House Rolls on the side. 

Well, maybe the side was the pork chops, which isn't to underestimate the importance of pork.  It's just that I'm a breadhead from way back, possibly infancy.  I could subsist on fresh homemade bread and a slice of sharp cheddar, 3 meals a day, 7 days a week.  Unfortunately my better half likes a little more variety on the menu, hence the addition of pork chops, some rice and steamed veggies. 

Parker House rolls have quite a history. The original recipe dates from the 1800's from the Parker House Hotel in Boston.  Fannie Farmer published the recipe in 1896.
How cool is that? Rolls with a pedigree.

Here's the main course....

With a little, yes just a little butter, they were yummy right out of the oven.
Spoke to my Mom, who's smart enough to be in South Carolina for the winter months and she said my Grandmother used to make them all the time. I knew there was a genetic link!

Then the sides...
I seasoned and pan seared the chops, then put them in a baking pan, slathered with BBQ sauce and a little beer, and covered with sliced onions. Baked for about an hour.

Chops were excellent, rolls were too.

I expect the rolls will be a main dish again some time next week.....

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