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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday afternoon.....

You may as well get used to it. I'm going to start bitchin' about the cold weather and probably stop around June.
Give me Key West, please!
The only redeeming thing about living up here in the Great White North is that it gives one ample opportunity to cook and eat. 

Not much cooking going on here at the moment-strip steaks and homemade fries later on.

Right now it's mid-afternoon snack time.  
So what better than some cheese, crackers, and a little pepperoni.

Picked up the cheese at Sam's Club in Plattsburgh the other day and finally opened it up.

 Cabot, 30 month old cheddar. 
Cabot cheeses come out of our neighbor Vermont and their cows are doing exceptional work.

Snack time.......

Wicked good cheese at a pretty good price-just under 6 bucks a lb.

I'd definitely recommend this for holiday gatherings and for the cheese lovers in your house.


  1. Oh, how I love a good cheese plate in the afternoon. What a yummy snack! Our cows thank you for complimenting their work :-) Thanks for recommending Cabot; our farm family owners appreciate your support!

  2. You're very welcome- it's a nice cheddar-which I'll buy again for sure. I must admit I ate that whole plate. I've been to the store in Waterbury, but not in a while. I need to take a trip soon!

  3. Back in the days when we lived in Jersey, we'd go up to Vermont sev times a year - and on one visit, we stopped in to see the operation at Cabot - very impressive - nice people, and cows too - it really is good cheese, and we can even get it out here in Oregon.

  4. From what I understand, Cabot sources from some NYS dairies, too. So your cheese is also local! (Loved your 'Cuse pizza pic, too! And the current top home page photo is beautiful):)

  5. Thanks Barb, That 30 month old is really good. My Cuse pizza was butt ugly, but more than made up for it in taste. Took that pic out of the office at work yesterday afternoon.