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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spaghetti Pie.......

Looking for something a little different the other night, tired of the same old, same old.....

My friend Glenda in the produce section at Sav-A-Lot suggested this to me as we were swapping recipes a week or so ago.

So I searched and found a recipe at Love at First Bite.

I followed that recipe to a "T", well almost.
I put the mozz on top, instead of on the ricotta on the base.

 Came out of the oven, looked great!

The inner workings.

The Slice.

The only thing I'd suggest is where the above recipe states 2 cups of tomato sauce or diced tomatoes, go with the sauce, or homemade marinara. I used diced, and although it tasted good the first night, it was a bit bland. Or i should have cooked the diced tomatoes down and spiced 'em up 

For leftovers on the 2nd night I poured some canned tomato sauce on it after reheating and then it was really good. 

And, yes, I'd make it again.


  1. Interesting! Kinda reminds me a little of something my college roommate used to cook up with "used" spaghetti (used spaghetti is leftover spaghetti with sauce on it). His family was over from Italy, and he said they ate this all the time - heat a fry pan on med heat, put a good dose of olive oil in the pan, and two or three handfuls of used spag - stir it around a bit and then add two eggs beaten a little - stir all until the egg disappears into the spag - and it's done!

    Very delicious stuff.