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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hoops and Pizza...

Made 2 pies yesterday to consume during the Syracuse-NC State basketball game.
The first was a white pie- Evoo, basil, garlic, onion and tomato,parm and mozz.

Very happy with the result.  Looked great, tasted great.

Then came the Go Cuse! pie. 
This was the upside down pie I've grown so fond of since reading about it on Slice.
It had mozz, parm, basil, garlic, some salt and pepper, on the crust, topped with the sauce, and in this case, Go Cuse! from sliced mozz on top to inspire the Orange (well, that's a stretch).
I must admit I've made better looking pies.


and after.
Ha! Gotta work on the technique for this cheese on top application. 
I put on too much sauce, evidenced by the overflow, and my letter "C" didn't hold up so well.
But, as ugly as it looks, it tasted great. 
There's something about inverting the ingredients that gives it a unique taste. 
And for the record, when I hit the fridge this AM for a leftover slice, it was gone- 

Both pies.

And Syracuse won the game 65-59 and stands at 8-0.
That means there's 20 something more games for me to make my Go-Cuse pie prettier!

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