Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010.

Alrighty-got the present thing done last night.

Big Breakfast this Morning-Scrambled eggs-Joe's sausage from Shaheen's-best breakfast sausage in the universe-bacon, toast and pancakes. 
So after that I'm fatter than normal, so I decided to go for a ride and take some pics. Went down Kildare Road, just outside of town. 
Here's my 12/25/2010 Documentation.


Pitchfork Pond- Had some good times there boys and girls.
Nobody on the dock today? Hell it was 13 degrees.

Kelsie Leigh, ready to go.

 If don't drive a Ford, you don't drive!

 Heading towards the Kildare Gate-Matumbla in the back.

Same as above.

End of the ungated road.

Every tree has a story-man I'd like to listen to this guy.

Ansel Adam's I aint. Just get lucky now and again.

It's 13 degrees-this is what we call a hot spring in the Adirondacks.

Not sure why I like it- I just do.

What do you get when you cross a single digit IQ local with a rifle?
Easy -Target practice on a public road!
If there's a greater argument out there for mandatory sterilization I want to see it.

Still some logging going on despite the the treehuggers cries to stop and preserve "Our" environment.


Tree's are kind of cool, aren't they?

On my way down the road, I saw this discarded deer carcass, with about a dozen crows feeding on it-coming back I wanted to get a pic of the birds because they're big ass birds and it looked cool- Like an Alfred Hitchcock thing-, so I pull up on the way back, they all fly  away-I waited for 25 minutes, they didn't come back, so I flipped 'em off. I'm sure 30 friggin' seconds after I left they were back. Got outsmarted by a bird (again)!

So that's my Christmas story- Hope you enjoyed it- and if you didn't, well, there's always some other dumbass on the internet to read!!


  1. Nice way to spend the day. And you're right, there are lots of dumbasses on the internet. The key is to not feed them, or let them get you angry. Guess who?

  2. My guess would be a shark this quality advice!

  3. Some beautiful shots! Brings back fond memories - OK, maybe not 'fond', but memories. I remember one winter in college when my car got stuck in the snow on a side road during a 25" storm - when I went to get it the next day, the plows had buried it - I left it there until spring.

    I know you think I live in the tropics, but that's only on the coast - if you go 50 miles east and south, the look is much like your pics. And many roads are closed for the winter. A hundred miles east, and they get more than 25 feet of snow each year.

  4. That's a lot of snow! Right now the Northeast is getting hammered pretty good, but it's just south and east of us-which is fine by me!