Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Love your Pets........

A rare sunny, warm day here in Tupper.
I got the lawn mowed, and after completing that task, I decided to hang out on the deck with Bunny.
Well, what's a poor boy to do but take pics of the kids!

Here's the Kid Key: Red is the Red one, Ellie is the German Shep puppy, and Lucy is the cat who doesn't give a shit.

Wait! That's not a pet! Oh well.....

That's my girl!

And there's Ellie chewing on a Plastic Pot Planter-Say that fast 5 times, I dare ya!

Seriously, my foot it's the planter and you take a pic of me?

Lucy's laughing at the puppy with it's leg in the planter.

Ellie went to see Lucy.

Lucy said, "Screw this, I'm gonna sit on a 4 x 4!"

Seriously, I like the puppy, but she's a pain in the ass!

That's all kids!


  1. Puppies are well known 'pains', but Guinness has frequently caused a pain in the head! Why isn't Red showing Ellie how to act at your house? Tell him to get busy.

  2. Can I adopt the first pet?!