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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Had to take a trip to Glens Falls today. On the way back we had to go through Warrensburg. The cool thing about that is there's a store called Oscar's, that specializes in smoked meats and cheeses.

Here's the link- Click Here to go to Oscar's they'll mail you stuff, and it's awesomely good stuff.

It was a total impulse buy today. I know there's wicked good cheese there, but did I really need to stop and buy any?
I was almost past the turn for Oscar's and the car decided for me-seriously, the directional went on, and the car turned right, went up the hill and there I was.  The proverbial kid in a candy cheese shop.

So here's what I bought.

Hickory smoked gouda.

Hickory smoked bacon and cheddar.

Triple X cheddar.

And when I was at the counter getting ready to pay, there was a wheel of cheese under glass, so I asked the gentleman what the cheese was, he replied, "3 year old cheddar." And without skipping a beat he took a cleaver and lopped me off a chunk, which I tasted inhaled.  I said, "Give me a pound please."

3 year old cheddar.

So that's that. I almost bought a smoked ham, and some kielbasa, and brats, and god knows I could have bought one of everything. But, my wife certainly would have killed me if I spent 4 or 500 dollars on comfort food. So I stuck with the cheese.

This place is awesome, a cheesehead's paradise.

Next time we'll get some sausage.

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  1. You got out of there without getting any sausage or ham? Wow! You have more discipline than I - Yeah, my wife may have taken offense to an over-indulgence, but I'd consider that a small price for such bliss.

    Just think of how good those pizzas would be with such premium ingredients!!!