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Friday, November 26, 2010

The 50-50 Pie.

I've got an 18" pizza pan. It's big, so big that after I bought it 4 years ago I discovered it wouldn't fit in our conventional oven. So there it sat collecting dust on top of the fridge.

Well as luck would have it, our old oven crapped out, and the pan fit in our new oven (Propane fired).

Okay, now we get to use the thing. 

With a pie pan that big and differing tastes in the house it's easy to make one half of the pie to my tastes and one half to the better halfs.

The other night I made a 50-50 pie. One half for her, and one half for me.
Here's the construction.
D'oh! Half w. Evoo.

Add some garlic, red peppers, red onion and dried basil.
Goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes, and mozz.

The left is an upside down pizza, the right is white.
Threw some grated parm on top of it all.

The finished product. Notice my side is a little bigger-ha!!

Very good.

Next time I may do 1/4 pies-lots of possibilities!


  1. You're getting pretty damn good at this stuff, Tup.

  2. Ah, the bigger half, yes. I always feel that's the appropriate half for me too ;P