Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Adirondack Life.......

No not the magazine filled with waytoomanyadvertisementsthatusedtobeagoodread!

This is about a beautiful Wednesday afternoon.

It's been dark, gray and rainy/snowy/sleety for the past couple of weeks.

Sure there's been the occasional day where the Sun would make an appearance,  but along with the time change last week, I've been feeling like a mole.
Yup, a mole, those cute little creatures that reside underground and never see the sun, hence, they have no eyes.

Today the Sun came out, and I had to make a trip to Long Lake to see the Doc to get rid of this sinus infection I've had for a month and a half.
So after my visit to the Doc and armed with enough prescriptions for an army, I drove home to Tupper.

It was a classic Adirondack fall day.

On the way home I took some pics.
(disclaimer-I in no way pretend to know how to take pictures)

 Looking down Long Lake from the beach.

Bog River Falls-spent a lot of teenage years swimming there.

Big Tupper from the Bog River Falls bridge.

Neat little island on Big Tupper.

Nice little boathouse.

A slightly bigger island on Big Tupper. Make a nice summer retreat.

Litchfield property. I believe that road goes by Buck-A-Year hunting camp.

You're here! Make sure you got your building permit and zoning rules!

From the boat launch across from the Riverside Restaurant (well, where it used to be....)

Looking into town-I wonder how many more years that smokestack will be there?

Which way does the wind blow? The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind......

Seward Range (I think). Taken from the flow @ Moody.

Another view-I think there might have been a glacier there.

Tree, tree, tree........ (What movie was that line in?)

And now for the contest!   Which famous Tupper Laker(s) reside in this lakeside residence?
The winner gets a meatpie made by yours truly during the X-Mas Holidays.

What a day.


  1. You do live in a beautiful place, Tup - but since I've spent my whole life trying to avoid ice and snow, I'd probably just die the first day I had to go out in -20.

    Hey, let me have a guess at your question - I think I know this (I've heard rumors) It's Elvis, right? Oh damn, I'm sorry - it was supposed to be a secret, wasn't it!

    One more question - do I get to choose the meat in the pie? I know how you guys enjoy eating porcupine, and I'm just not up to that yet. (I'm still working on possum.)

    Nice pics, Tup - really!

  2. Hey Doc- The snow and cold are a pain, but the last few winters have been mild- chalk it up to global warming or whatever. I also find as I get older the time flies by. Not Elvis, but close-one of my co-workers.

    As for the meatpie-that's a holiday thing I do every year, and I'll be posting-I usually make 15 or 20 for friends and family-wicked good. Haven't tried porcupine yet-, but hey good suggestion!

  3. Meatpies huh? Isn't that a French-Canadian thing? Are you pumping NOB blood through your veins?

  4. Oui! French-Canadian it is- a delicious holiday treat- I'll be in full production in a few weeks! I am half french-canadian Doc!