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Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday night.......

It's Monday night, and we all know very well, Monday's suck. 

Why does Monday suck, well simply because it's Monday.  

Unless you're retired, and I ain't, Monday's will continue to suck for the next few years.
(If I need to explain any further, please stop by, and I'll give a detailed explanation)

But, loyal readers, I digress (again), this post is about easy cooking on Monday night.

As I pondered what to make for myself and my better half, I was at a loss. 

I clicked on Allrecipes and there was a recipe for Reuben soup.
I got excited, until I saw it had kielbasa in it-No go. Reubens are made from corn beef, and kielbasa isn't corned beef and the better half hates kielbasa eventhoughhermotherispolish!  
Whew, glad I got that out of my system.

Then the obvious occurred, why not make Reubens?

And that my friends, I did.

The basic ingredients.
Butter the downside, and spread some 1000 Island dressing on the topside.
Place a slice of corned beef on.
 Place a slice of swiss on that.
Place some sauerkraut on that.
Another slice of swiss.....
Another slice of corned beef.....
Grill 'em baby........

Ready, set, .........