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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Killer Meatloaf ......

and a giveaway to boot.......

Meatloaf is a comfort food staple in our house. 

Great for dinner and sandwiches the following day.

Here's a great looking recipe, and by simply commenting you can enter the giveaway contest that Veronica is having on her blog. 

Check it out at  Recipe Rhapsody. 


  1. The meatloaf looks yummy...as do the beans!

    Thanks for stopping by MGCC...and sharing your rhubarb memories.

  2. We love meatloaf and I've not made it in a long time. Expecting a frost tonight and meatloaf could be on the menu tomorrow!

  3. Wow.. I would love to try this recipe.. looks yumm and delish

  4. Hi there! Thanks for commenting and letting me know you are out there! It is awesome to meet someone so close by who is also a food blogger. I was beginning to think I was the only one around! I am going to add you to my local links - so cool! I look forward to reading your blog and drooling over your food!

  5. I just now found this--thank you so much for pimping me! LOL! I only check the blogs I subscribe to by email but I try to make a point to stop by yours every once in a while, so I apologize for the sporadic comments. If you ever get an email subscribe button, let me know.