Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amish White Bread.

Broke in the new oven yesterday by baking some Amish White Bread.  Nice easy recipe from Allrecipes, here's the link.  Bread Recipe, Click Here!   

Did all mixing and kneading in the Kitchenaid.  I split the dough in half, made one big loaf and six big rolls  to put pulled pork on last night.  Rolls were great, and I haven't cut into the loaf yet, but will very soon.

Here's the rolls.

Rolls in the oven-Ha, you can see them cook, love the new oven!

The finished products. They'd make great burger rolls.

I gotta send this pic to Yeastspotting.

And the bread...
 Isn't that nice?


  1. Gorgeous load and your rolls are formed very nicely!

    What a great way to break in a new oven!

  2. It's funny, when I formed the rolls, they didn't look so hot, but they came out nice.

  3. Hey!
    I have many fond memories of Tupper Lake - my sister's family owned one of the old 1920's estates in the backwoods near Conifer, and I spent much time there many summers. Don't know whether I'd like spending a winter there though - I remember seeing wood piles half as large as the houses they supplied!

    Happy bread baking.

  4. The rolls and loaf look amazing! I've been wanting to try out this recipe. I can't wait to have an oven with a window. You're so lucky!

  5. Thanks Mem- I've got another bread baking marathon going on right now-stay tuned!

  6. Look how clean that stove top is. I don't know what I would make first...

  7. Those look like awesome burger rolls! What a great loaf.