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Monday, April 12, 2010

Bread and more bread.....

Went to the in-laws in Utica this past weekend for a belated Easter dinner.  So on Friday I decided to make some bread.  I couldn't decide what to make, so I baked a variety.  

Here's how it went.

First I made rolls, following the recipe for Amish White Bread I made the week before.

Then I made a loaf of rustic Italian.

Then, some rolls using the same recipe as the boule above.

Next, a braided challah.

And finally Veronica's buttery beer bread.

That's it at the bottom right of this pic.

Needless to say, we got our carb fix this past weekend! 

And I'm on a diet!!!!


  1. Holy breadmaker Batman!

    Gorgeous bread....

  2. I think you might have to rename your blog to something with the word bread it in...just kidding!

  3. Hey Tup!
    Without asking, I used your post on Veronica's Buttery Beer Bread for inspiration to do a sourdough version here- http://drfugawe.wordpress.com/2010/04/13/a-bakers-funday-with-the-yeastee-beastees/#comment-504

    Hey, but I gave attribution, at least to you and your blog (I don't think using a recipe as "inspiration" subjects one to copyright infringement!). Plus, I don't think Veronica gave attribution, and I doubt the recipe originated with her blog - ??? Anyway, you may find my fun-time interesting.

  4. Cait- maybe it should be Tupper Bakes? Ha!

  5. WOW...you've been busy! I've not tried the Amish Bread but it sure looks delicious! Your boule and rustic loaf are wonderful!

  6. Looks wonderful! I have got to try the rustic Italian bread.

  7. Wow, I hope your in-laws had a lot of company to feed! Like, an army maybe? It looks incredible--good job!

  8. I could take it all off your hands but if you're feeling stingy - I'll just take the rustic Italian. It's begging for my table.