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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Countdown to 250.......

(Subtitled- My Big Fat Geek Diet!)

Now I know why I never step on a scale.  

Yesterday for some reason I stepped on one for the first time in who knows how long.

I suppose the action was predicated by the fact that most of my shorts (Waist 42) I wore last summer barely fit.

So it's get a new bunch of shorts (I did pick up a couple pairs (waist 44) this past weekend) or lose some mass, which is economically and healthwise the sounder decision.

So I slipped into the nurse's office at work and got on the scale, like the kind at the Doctor's Office, the kind that doesn't lie!

As I slid the weights and balanced that beam, I came to the instant realization that, "Dude, you're porkin' out big time...."

For the sake of posterity let's say the numbers I read were a little North of 300.

Yeah, like 300 as in pounds.

It was kinda of a "Holy Shit! moment to be perfectly honest.

So to make a long story short, as Yoda might tell me, "Diet you will, fat you will lose Chunky Boy".

Here's what I made last night for supper, found it on the Cooking Light site.

Farfelle w/ Tomatoes, Onions & Baby Spinach-Click Here

Here's a pic from the My Recipes site.

It was quite tasty. I had a toasted baguette on the side (yeah, w/ butter, gotta start slow).

This recipe lends itself to additions.  Grilled chicken would be a good idea, but last night I went meatless.

So, the diet begins.

I shooting to get down to 250, a 50 lb. loss.

I'm going to eat more responsibly, cut out non-essentials ( a long list), have healthy snacks throughout the day and knock off the late night binges, exercise more, all the while posting here to motivate me to just do it.

Ha-We'll see, stay tuned my friends!


  1. Whoa dude! That's dangerland, amigo. If it's worth anything to you, I'll share what has worked for me. I went from a high of 260 down to 205 now (I'm 5'10"), but the best part is that my health is way better now than 5 years ago.

    First, forget the idea of dieting - your brain interprets that as a temporary fix that soon will be over and then it's back to the old ways. Tell yourself that you are going to change the way you eat - it's the old habits that are at fault - and it's new habits that'll solve the problems. (a habit takes 3-4 weeks to change, so don't expect quick changes - and if you slip off during the way, get the hell back on as soon as you can, and continue on.)

    I'm convinced that carbs (sugars and starches) are the villains of the food world - I don't fear fats - so my day is filled with a lot of fruit, no-sugar yogurt, lots of protein (fish, meat, cheeses, beans, etc.) and plenty of good, fresh veggies - note that since I don't fear the fats, I can eat my veggies with plenty of butter or sauces.

    I've developed an 'everything in moderation' philosophy about what I eat - and if you can do that, you will not deny yourself any of the stuff you love (like pizza, ice cream, cake, pasta, etc.). As soon as you deny yourself something forever, your good plans are done! Your brain can handle that, so never deny - just postpone.

    That's basically what I do now - and it works really well. And like Oprah, I don't eat anything after dinner at night (that was my worst habit - I'd eat all my desserts then). I still love breads and desserts, and because I don't have them all the time, they are even better when I do.

    All my best wishes go with you, my friend - and your life depends on you doing it!

  2. Wow- Best comment/advice I've ever had.

    advice and it's pretty much what I'm planning on doing.

    Thanks Doc!