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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Fat Diet-Humpday Edition.......

Sort of fell off the diet wagon last night.

It was a nice afternoon, so I decided to wash the wife's new car (she's got soul, Kia Soul) so the better half could put her birthday present on it.

(For the record I bought her a bra for her birthday. No, not that kind of bra silly, the kind you put on the front of your car, to keep the bugs and other debris from nicking it up)

Pretty Slick, huh?

So I washed the car, and by the time I was done I didn't much feel like cooking, so I just cooked up some Hoffman's hot dogs
Seriously Good doggies kids....

 and threw on some Texas Pete's Chili Sauce.
Not sure who Pete is....

Good stuff, but not exactly the lower fat foods I should be consuming in my quest to lose some serious poundage.

Anyway, I ran across this recipe today for 
Spaghetti with Chickpeas and Tomatoes 

at Half Hour Meals.

Looks quick and easy and with warm summer weather finally here it's to spend a little more time outside and less in the kitchen, right?

I'll let you know how the spaghetti comes out.....

Recipe Results 6/9: Spaghetti was very good, I'd do it again.

Eat well my friends.


  1. @TC, them city slickers at Serious Eats won't have any idea why the car needs the bra. :-)
    Hoffman's, gotta get some of them when I get up North. How's the fishin'?

  2. Hey Dm- Bra's great for bug absorption!

    Haven't been fishin' yet-too busy-going up this weekend , hopefully get the lift in the water, then the boat next week.

  3. You can ignore the doc if you want to - but the word on the street is that fats and proteins are your friends - it's the carbs and sugars that'll kill you. Your hot dogs are fine, even the chili sauce ain't too bad, but the spaghetti is a once a week deal.

    Get right back up on that horse.

  4. Hey Doc, I'll try and be a good patient! I hear ya on the carbs, but I couldn't resist that recipe!!!!