Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love your Mother.....

Mom made soup yesterday.

She brought over the leftovers today.
I didn't have to cook tonight.

I love my Mother.


  1. That bowl has the look of a superb 'Waiting for the snow to melt and the crocus to bloom' soup - and as long as there's another bowl in the pot, you've got a little more patience.

    Where's the loaf of freshly baked bread to go with it?

  2. Perfect soup for this silly weather. We've still got ample snow and the lows have been in the single digits the last few nights.

    Last year it was in the 80's the first week in April, don't see that this year.

    I've been a lazy boy when it comes to baking-this weekend I've resolved to cook. I'm craving homemade bagels......

  3. At the risk of becoming a pest and a nag, I swear that the taste of your first sourdough bagel will make you a sourdough baker for life! Of all the things I bake, sourdough bagels are easily the most oft repeated item - almost never when you can't find one in our freezer.

    This is a skill you must learn, amigo - you'll thank me forever.