Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pizza @ Kate's......

Last night we had a pizza free for all at Kate's place on the Lake, and what a place it is!


Front of the house.

The boathouse.

Lot's of stone.

Classic Adirondack pic.

Wicked house and a kitchen to die for.  
The kitchen has every pizza makers dream, a wood fired pizza oven.  

So we made about a dozen pies-why not?

This oven is so cool, I was speechless (almost-you know better than that, right?)

Look at the size of that peel-

Firing up!

Wood storage on the side.

Nance showing off her throwing skills!

In the oven-it took me a couple of pies to get down the rotation of the pie and keep 'em out of the ash.

A litte cockeyed.....

A pictures worth a thousand bites......
Did I mention desserts? Keough's World Famous Cheesecake and Whoopie Pies, and a very cool dessert pizza made by the evil cousins.

Hey Reynolds-Yankees still rule!

Our gracious hostess chatting. And Jed chowing!

Dinner time.

The Great Room is a great room!

Love that table. Look at the size of the boards.

More pics to come-I've gotta go bake some dinner rolls!


  1. OMG! That looks like your kind'a place - why don't you get one? Actually that place looks much like the lodge/house that my sister's family owns in Conifer (only Kate's is a lot nicer!).

    How long did it take for a pizza to bake in that oven? I'm betting only a couple of minutes! I always heard that the ash was a sign of authenticity and made the pizza taste better!

  2. That is VERY cool Tupp! Thanks for sharing! I've also heard that a little ash topping never hurt anyone and lends itself to the character of the pie