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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lisa G's......

Took a tiny road trip today to Lake Placid-

When we got there I wondered why. 

Octoberfest at  Whiteface, and Buy 1 get 2 free sales at Bass Shoes.  I'm not much of a claustrophobe, but I like my space, hell, that's why I live in the sticks.  So, what was I doing here with all these tourists?

First, it'd been a while since the better half and I had gone on a day trip, and Placid is close. Somehow I'd forgotten about the zillion tourists that come here and drive our economy (and please don't stop coming).

So we see a sign at the Bass Outlet, Buy One-Get Two Free (shoes and boots), needless to say we were going there. 
We were THERE!

Parking in Lake Placid sucks bigtime, but we managed to find a spot in the Municipal lot just behind the lot where the Blue Mt. Museum was going to build a branch, for lack of a better word. Economic downturn killed that idea. Now it's just another eyesore, where there used to be a nice little church, but I digress.....
On the bright side, you can use your debit card to buy your parking ticket. $1.00 an hour and you get to drop a bunch of money downtown-beautiful!  So you pay to shop-gotta love it!

We went shoppin' and the better half scored 3 pairs of boots at a decent price. Me, I just dodged tourists, left and right.....

So finally we decided to grab some lunch, and what better place than Lisa G's.  Heading out of Placid towards the Horseshow grounds and Ski Jumps, it's right at the bottom of the hill.  

We've been going there for the better part of the last 10 years and have enjoyed it every single time.

Here's some pics from Lisa's....

Evidently there's some Steeler's fans there.
The back deck and patio is awesome. After we ate, we spent around an hour just basking in the sun. 
It had warmed up enough to hang out, and hang out we did.....

So it's October 3rd in the Adirondacks, but check out these flowers that were still in bloom on their patio.\
Alexis, I believe.........

You think Georgia O'Keefe would like that one?

Oh, back to lunch-the better half had an Oriental Salad and I had a sliced prime rib sammy on a toasted baguette. They bring out a toasted baguette and real butter for an app if you didn't order one. The food was superb, as always. The wait staff was professional and courteous.  I give Lisa G's the highest rating Tupper Cooks gives- ummm that'd be (wait I trying to come up with a rating system)  5 Tuppers! There, I did it.  I'll have to explain the rating system later, but 5 is the highest one can achieve.

I did go a little camera crazy- but once again, the flowers and surrounding plants that were still looking fresh in October, blew me away.

Well it ain't a plant, but the colors in the maple were nice......

Not sure what-but they're not frozen yet!

My girl.........

Not a bad day........I think I'd do it again........


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. I love visiting Lake Placid when we come up, but then again I guess we are considered the tourist ;-) Your cousin Dave would have loved the potential of the deals at the Bass shop since his wardrobe seems to suffer the most in the face of buying cloths for kids and wife, HA. Baby #3 due on October 27th keeps us pretty close to home though these days so no Bass Sales for us.

  2. Enjoy 'em nice days while you can, lad. Won't be long before the only thing blooming is at the florist shop. Do you have your wood pile all cut and ready?

    Ah, Lake Placid - I remember back when I had a summer job at a camp south of you and one day my buddy and I hitch-hiked up to Lake Placid - that was so long ago that when you mentioned "Winter Olympics" some old man would begin talking about the one in 1932.

    Hey, don't tell us you didn't go to Santa Land! Is it still there?

  3. OH that last photo is just gorgeous. .it looks like a wonderful place to visit. .but really there is no place like home. .right?

    Lovella from Mennonite Girls Can Cook