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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You're kidding, right?

Alrighty, I'm still slacking in the original post department. I would've put last night's cooking( Greek pizza w/ spinach, garlic red onions, feta etc., etc. and the better halfs Butternut squash soup, which was unreal) on today, but I left the damn camera at camp.  

I know, I know, time to buy another camera, one for each place, but I've got a compound miter saw to buy this weekend, so that's out of the question. 

But I digress- I ran across this post on The House Mouse.

It's the World's Most Expensive Cheese Sandwich- I kid you not. 

For 178 bucks you can have one. 

Dude's got a serious moustache...

I won't go into the details about the sammy, you can read about it at the link above, but loyal readers I'll ask you this- Is there any meal you'd pay 178 bucks for?

I'm struggling to think of one.....


  1. Thanks for the link. As for a meal I would dole out that much cash for...well I may pay that much for a 20 course cheese dinner, but that price would include any travel expenses. Oh, and pay for the Mylanta after all that dairy.

  2. You're welcome HM- Love your blog-I'm a cheesehead from way back and I'm slowly learning there's a lot more to cheese than I ever would've guessed. Good stuff!

  3. I hear you on the not doing a frigging thing all summer! I was away for count 'em...8 weeks. That dudes moustache nearly needs its own postcode - there are a lot of dudes like him in Austria ;P

  4. Hey Tup,
    I think spending $178 on a meal depends on how much you've got to spend! And how much you expect in return - if I did spend that much, it'd sure not be for a cheese sandwich - IMHO.

    I remember once in my wild and crazy days -when I had more $ than I knew what to do with- I went on a quest to discover the world's best wines - and I remember spending upwards of $75 for a bottle of wine! (and that was in the 70s when $75 was real money) But ever since I have been able to say, in response to the question "Is expensive wine worth the price?", that the very best wine I have ever tasted was also the most expensive I've ever bought.