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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Double Layer Tacos

Found this recipe at Betty Crocker-Link to recipeclick here)-funny thing is I had bought all the stuff for them this weekend and the same recipe was on the box (Old El Paso) . 

Quick and easy for a weeknight.
(Pic from Betty)

You know how a hard taco crumbles when you pick it up and all the filling falls out  and a soft taco lacks the crunch of a hard taco shell?  This recipe solves that dilemma.

Basically it's a soft taco, with warmed up refried beans, with a hard taco placed in the middle and your favorite taco filling inside it- It got great reviews from the family tonight. The only thing I might change is the cheese, it called for Monteray Jack, which I felt wasn't the right cheese for the double taco. I'd try cheddar or a taco blend the next time.

Good stuff.


  1. For many years now, we've been driving down into Mexico during the winter (thinking twice about driving thru Sonora now!) and have been weaned off of hard tacos. Such a thing is not to be found SOB. Actually my compromise is to heat up a skillet, and stuff whatever into a soft corn tortilla, and let it kinda heat up in there until it's both crisp and chewy - no way it'll fall apart on 'ya.

  2. Excellent suggestion Doc, one I'll try for sure. You ever make your own tortillas?

  3. What a great Idea! Thanks for posting!

  4. Yupper, have made 'em - but recently I found that Whole Foods (you have these on your side?) has two extremely excellent kinds of corn tortillas, and they freeze well - so those I'd never make again - and the flour ones I can buy taste pretty much like the ones I can make - that is when I don't mess them up, so I don't make them much either.

    Oh BTW, we NW'ers apologize for whopping up on your local boys in Seattle - I think you might'a made em mad by taking that early lead. Actually, we think Wash may have the 2nd best Pac 10 team this year, however Oregon will beat em.

  5. There's Whole Foods in the East I think, but we're in the middle of nowhere, so we rely on the regular supermarket variety, which work for me (because they have too!)

    No need to apologize about the ball game- Washington has a good team, but I gotta admit when we were up 10-0 I was pretty excited. Just wait 'til next time!!!