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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Me a Vegan???

Well, quite honestly, no friggin' way. But, I'm not ruling out some dishes.  

Niki made a Spaghetti Squash with Vegetable Medley tonight.  

She based it on this recipe from VegWeb.com

And I didn't have to cook, which was very cool.
(Now I just hope I don't have to do the dishes)

Besides the Spaghetti Squash she added:
Green and yellow pepper and a Jalapeno
Shrooms (Yes, Doc, I said Shrooms!)
Marinara and diced tomatoes
Garlic and Onions
Chick Peas
Pine Nuts
Basil, Parsley

Baked the squash for an Hour, then did the following:

Sauteed Onion, pepper, garlic and shrooms, then added chick peas and tomatoes, then finally spinach, marinara and pine nuts.

Looked like this...

I'm still a meatatarian but I'm sold on this dish, great stuff.


  1. Doubt I could ever be a vegan, but some sort of a convoluted vegetarian - maybe. One of my own daughters is, what she calls a lacto vegetarian - I think that means she does veggies and dairy stuff.

    But as a gardener, I have great respect for the plant world, and there's not much in it that I won't eat! And if the truth be known, we don't really eat much meat anymore - down to maybe 4 oz portions at dinner. However, I still do about 2 lbs of butter a week, and all the bread it takes to soak up all that butter!

    What do they call a person who only eats bread and butter?

  2. I'm not a vegan either, but I'd certainly like to sink my teeth into this dish! What a gorgeous blog you have too. My father's ancestral home is west of you a bit, and I've always wanted to visit it.