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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My food blogging friend Sasa  (Click Here for Sasa) who hails from Austria  had a post about toasties a few days back. 

No, not Post Toasties. It seems that on the other side of the pond they refer to the American classic Grilled Cheese as Toasties-and damn, her Toasties looked awesome. 
Here's her pics.

Look at that English Cheddar.... I'm seriously done at this point.

Yup, that's Red Onion... 

And the finished Toastie-Yup, I'd inhale that, and maybe, just maybe two or three more.

So anyways, tonight I was inspired by Sasa's post to make some Toasties.

I mean I mowed the lawn, got my hair cut and it was a good night for something simple, like me.

I started out with sourdough bread and a slice of swiss cheese.

And then some tomato...

And added some crispy bacon-yup-bacon.

A slice of American on top....

And the lid-If I'd had butter that would've been butter-but it was Smart Balance (sorry, so sorry!).

After the first flip....

On the griddle.....


Serious Toasties here kids.

Wait a minute, how'd I get into this post?

Toasties-Try 'Em.


  1. Bacon! That is truly inspired and now I have my fifth thing so my toasties truly reflect the elements ;P

  2. Let me guess, Tup - you ate every single one of those "toasties" - Right?

    Hey, that tomato looks damn good - are you guys getting summer tomatoes this early?