Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Thursday, June 3, 2010

National Donut Day....

Tomorrow, the first Friday in June is designated National Donut Day.

Seriously, you can look it up- Click Here .

So I suggest tomorrow we all get our donut on!


  1. Oh, I'd love to get some of those yummy Krispy Kreme...of course, us Eastern folks can't get them. :( If I had time though I would make them!

  2. I know-We were in Daytona a couple of years ago and they've got a big shop. Got a dozen glazed one morning- I had inhaled 3 before I knew it! Melt in your mouth.......

  3. Back in my wild days, I was introduced one night to the absolutely best way to end a long night of bar hopping - we showed up at the local donut emporium at 2AM for the ritual of waiting for the emergence of the French Crullers from the vat - I've never been the same since!