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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doc's Sourdough...

My good friend Dr. Fugawe makes some serious bread out in Oregon. 

He's into sourdough and is a light year ahead of me in technique and quality of product.  

I aspire to bake like the Doc.

Here's a pic that made me drool this morning-

Look at the crumb, look at the melting butter.......

Yo Doc- send me some starter!

Click here to go to the Doc' s site


  1. Hey, I know that guy! Well, at least I hear rumors - and they ain't good.

    That's one seriously cute dog at the bottom of your page here - I promise not to show my wife, 'cause if I do, she'll be up to get him. (It's a he, right?)

  2. Hey Doc- She's a she, and a good girl she is-spoiled rotten!