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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend....

I've been meaning to post these pics for a few days now, but spending a weekend with my good buddy Chef Steve means serious recovery time. 
The weather was beautiful in Cape Vincent and he cooked up a storm. 
Here's the evidence.

Steve made homemade baked beans in his new bean pot, which he bought at a Chinese food store, hmmmm....
(I've had Lo Mein and Sesame Chicken, but baked beans? )
These took longer than 10 minits!

Salt pork. Makes me want to oink.

The liquid ingredients.

Sliced vidalia layered in....(One of many layers).

And more layers...

I swear, it was like being in Picasso's studio watching Steve put this composition together-
It was beautiful....
Before the bake......
Baking on the grill, with some ribs that happened by.

The finished product-awesome. 

Then there was pizza-on the grill.
Yup, on the grill. I don't know why I've never thought of this before.
But when it's 80 degrees, why not cook it on the grill and heat the kitchen up?
Makes perfect sense.

The crust getting pre-baked on the stone.

In the pan-Chorizo and ground beef.
This might be a meat lovers pie.

And pepperoni-yeah baby.....

Adding to the meatness....

And on the grill-sweet.

If you're a vegetarian-please forgive me for this shot (or go jump off a bridge, he he...)

And then....

there was the vegetable pie (well I guess you could call it fruit pie if tomatoes are a fruit, right??
So you see my vegetarian friends, not all meatatarians are bad guys!

Just look at that table-beautiful.....

The money shot- Look at the crust-
Pizza on the grill is wicked, and I mean wicked good.
Steve made four over the weekend, and the slices literally flew off the pan-
best pie I've had in ages.

And a few other non-food related pics (well sort of).

Our nephew Jake had never been in a kayak-
The kid's a natural.

Then, our neighbor and buddy Tommy Bell...
had it goin' on on the Weber.
Pete on the left, and on the right, taking a well deserved break from the grill/kitchen, 
Mr. Excitement, Chef Steve.  Looks like he may have been a bit dehydrated.
(Hey a gazebo would look great right there- an outdoor mancave if you will.
Chow time.

And the Blogdogs best friend....
Red REALLY wanted to play with the bunny.

Great friends, great food, great weather = great weekend!


  1. Looks like a great time and that grilled pizza looks awesome! Seems like we travel to the same places...we go boating out around Cape Vincent, Henderson, etc...

    Also,I was looking for an RSS Feed button so I could subscribe through my bloglines and not miss your posts...don't see one?

  2. Oh my god, drool - I just spent ages eating pizza in Italy and this still has me going.

  3. Hey Tup,
    Looks like summer fun is in high gear up there - by the amount of food in your pics, I'd bet you had upwards of 40 folks to feed! Either that or you guys are just pure gluttons.

    I hope you recognize that your buddy Steve IS a member of the crust club - I'm also betting you'd never find him buying his pizza crust at the corner grocery. Go ahead, ask him - See!

  4. Well Doc, there were quite a few folks, but we are pure gluttons! And I have to admit it, but that dough was store bought!