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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Steal this book.....

or borrow it from me. Just kidding! Buy this book.
I read a lot.  Lately I read a lot on the internet. It's cheap. Well, not considering the $ sent to Time Warner each month.  As a kid I loved books, as an adult I make the excuse that I don't have time to pick up a book, and read it from start to finish. About a month and a half ago I started reading real books again. 

Not sure why, might have been the weather, might have been boredom, who knows? At about the same time I started blogging- food blog, it's cool, a great way to write about what you eat- not that anybody wants to know what I eat, but it's fun. 
So one day on my internet travels, I come across a blog by a dude that cuts cheese for a living. His blog is plain and simple.  Gordon's Blog  . Why I went there was cheese.  I like to cook and eat a lot of stuff, but man, if you can give me a piece of  sharp cheddar and a dry cracker i'll forgive all your sins.  I'm new to the blog world (still am) and I liked his blog.
Simply because it was about cheese, and I had yet to find a blog about cheese anywhere. 
Yep, there's a ton of sites that'll show you incredible cupcakes but I like cheese, and here was a blog about cheese. I was excited.... I put Gordon's blog on my sidebar along with a bunch of others I feel worthy- and that's another story about being a novice blogger. 

Anyway Gordon wrote a book and I read it. 

It's a great read for a lot of reasons.  Initially I bought the book to learn about cheese, and I did. But I learned so much more that I may have to write a book myself. Class struggle is what the book is about . With the crap going on in New York right now, there's never been a better time to tune up and gain some perspective. 

Gordon, Thank you!
(The processed slices are a joke kids)

And for anyone reading this that cares about their neighbor, borrow my book.
Better yet, buy it.


  1. OK Tup, you're ready for this:
    Go learn to make your own cheese - then maybe you'll get this out of your blood!

  2. Hey Doc-I've actually been to that site before. At this point I'd rather buy my cheese- I think I'll stick to breadmaking for the near future-now when I retire and I've got some spare time, perhaps I'll get into it.

  3. I'd love to tour NY but man, I still have to work for a living! Thanks for the support.